TruSeq RNA Library Prep Kit v2

These kits provide a simple, cost-effective solution for analysis of the coding transcriptome, with minimal hands-on time.Read More...

TruSeq RNA Library Preparation Kit v2, Set A (48 samples, 12 indexes)


TruSeq RNA Library Preparation Kit v2, Set B (48 samples, 12 indexes)



Generate mRNA-focused sequencing libraries from total RNA, with enhanced multiplex capability and a simple workflow with master-mixed reagents.

Multiplex Capabilities

Kits feature 24 unique indexes, delivering enhanced multiplex performance for processing large numbers of samples. The kits include adapters containing unique index sequences that are ligated to sample fragments at the beginning of the library construction process. This allows the samples to be pooled and then individually identified during downstream analysis.

Minimal Hands-On Steps

Master-mixed reagents eliminate the majority of pipetting steps and reduce the amount of clean-up, as compared to previous methods, minimizing hands-on time. This results in economical, high-throughput RNA sequencing studies achieved with a user-friendly workflow.

Automation Options

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仪器 推荐的样本数 读长
NextSeq 550 System RNA Profiling: 13–40 samples per run (based on 10 million reads per sample)
Transcriptome Analysis: 5–16 samples per run (based on 25 million reads per sample)
2 x 75 bp
HiSeq 2500 System RNA Profiling: 60–400 samples per run (dual flow cell; based on 10 million reads per sample)
Transcriptome Analysis: 24–160 samples per run (dual flow cell; based on 25 million reads per sample)
2 x 75 bp


TruSeq RNA Library Prep Kit v2 Illumina Stranded mRNA Prep Illumina RNA Prep with Enrichment
Assay Time ~10.5 hours 6.5小时 <9小时
Content Specifications Captures the coding transcriptome (without strand information) 捕获编码转录组(带链信息) 与Illumina Exome Panel一起使用时可捕获编码转录组
Description A simple, cost-effective research solution for analysis of the coding transcriptome. 简单、经济的编码转录组分析解决方案,可提供精确的链信息 一种可重现且经济的解决方案,可使用多种类型的样本和起始材料来检测和发现目标转录本,包括福尔马林固定石蜡包埋(FFPE)组织和其他低质量样本
Hands-On Time ~4.5 hours <3小时 <2小时
Input Quantity 0.1 - 1 ug total RNA or 10 - 400 ng previously isolated mRNA (from species with polyA tails) 25-1000 ng标准质量的总RNA 10 ng新鲜/冷冻样本来源的总RNA,或20 ng FFPE样本来源的总RNA
Mechanism of Action Oligo-dT beads capture polyA tails PolyA捕获,连接接头和标签 连接磁珠的转座酶
Method mRNA Sequencing mRNA Sequencing mRNA Sequencing , 靶向RNA测序 , 靶向富集
Multiplexing Up to 24-plex per lane 多达384个唯一双标签序列(UDI) 多达384个唯一双标签序列(UDI)
Specialized Sample Types 不兼容FFPE Low-Input Samples, Not FFPE-Compatible Blood, FFPE Tissue, Low-Input Samples
Species Category Bovine, Mammalian, 人类, 大鼠, 小鼠 Bovine, Mammalian, 人类, 大鼠, 小鼠 Virus, 人类
Strand Specificity Non-Stranded Stranded Non-Stranded

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TruSeq RNA Library Preparation Reagents Provide Significant Savings in Time and Effort
TruSeq RNA Library Prep Reagents number of steps

Compared to current methods for preparing mRNA samples for sequencing, use of the TruSeq reagents significantly reduces the number of steps and hands-on time.

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