Environmental Sustainability

Integrate sustainability

Integrate sustainability

We recognize the importance of the environment in creating a healthy, sustainable future for all

Human health and the health of our environment are intertwined, connecting our mission to improve human health with our commitment to operate sustainably. We are committed to integrating environmental stewardship into the fabric of how we operate. Our elevated climate action goals highlight our commitment to net zero emissions across our operations and value chain by 2050.

On our path to net zero, we are incorporating sustainable solutions into our value chain and beyond. Our innovative technology is being used around the world for biodiversity conservation efforts, sustainable agricultural practices, and climate change studies to create a more sustainable future.

Our 2030 targets

net zero

Net Zero
by 2050
(Scope 1, 2, 3)2

emission reduction

emission reduction
(Scope 1, 2, 3)3

	renewable electricity

renewable electricity

landfill diversion

landfill diversion at core sites1

	reduction in water intensity

reduction in water intensity at core sites1

reduction in packaging

reduction in packaging


  1. Core sites: San Diego, Foster City, Hayward, Madison, UK Illumina Centre, Netherlands, Singapore.
  2. We were among the first companies in the world and the first genomic company to receive verification of our 2050 net-zero emissions targets by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)
  3. Our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emission targets are externally verified by SBTi and aligned to the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping planetary warming to 1.5°C.


We ensure that our efforts are aligned to the leading practices and organizations addressing environmental action

  • UN Global Compact Business Ambition
  • Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) 
  • We Mean Business Coalition
  • Data externally assured

Operating sustainable facilities

We approach reducing the environmental footprint of our facilities by focusing on green building design and optimizing our energy, water, and waste management.

Since 2022, we achieved 100% renewable electricity through onsite generation, purchased renewable electricity, and renewable energy credits.

We integrate sustainable principles into the design, construction, and operation of our global real estate portfolio and currently operate Green Building Design LEED certified sites in Singapore, China, and in the US.

Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Culture

Cultivating a sustainable value chain

In alignment with our net zero emissions goal, we consider it business-critical to work with suppliers and partners who share our commitment to a sustainable and equitable future. We engage on climate-related issues and hold them to the same high standards of business conduct that we set for ourselves.

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Developing sustainable products

We develop innovations that reduce the environmental impact of our products, technologies, and solutions

Illumina's Innovative Instruments

We integrate the Design for the Environment (DfE) approach into the core of our product development to find more opportunities to shift to a circular economy, addressing the full lifecycle of materials and their end of life. We apply environmental criteria to resource selection, design, energy use, data processing efficiency, size, weight, stability, packaging, shelf life, temperature requirements, end-of-life management, and more.

We aim to:
  • Integrate DfE in product development
  • Optimize sequencer power consumption and processing efficiency
  • Reduce amount of petroleum-based plastic in new product designs
  • Replace use of chemicals of concern wherever possible with greener alternatives
  • Seek additional opportunities to engage in circular economy
icon sustainable resources
Sustainable resources

We are committed to sourcing sustainable materials, including reducing the amount of petroleum-based plastic in new product designs. We also believe that big science can equal green science and actively work to replace the use of chemicals of concern with greener alternatives.

icon sustainable production
Sustainable production

Through our sustainable facilities, we aim to make the manufacturing process less energy intensive, minimize the use of toxic materials, and recycle waste from the production process where possible.

icon sustainable distribution and packaging
Sustainable distribution and packaging

We work to make the transportation of our products more efficient and sustainable. We invest in making our packaging recyclable, returnable, and reusable.

  • Recyclable insulated containers
    A move to plant-based paper-insulated containers offered a 100% curbside recyclable solution3
  • Returnable insulated containers
    Insulated containers used for refrigerated and frozen in vitro diagnostic (IVD) product shipments can be returned to us for reuse
  • Reusable bulk sustainable solutions
    Insulated pallet shippers for frozen and refrigerated products are validated for multiple uses and returnable for refurbishment and reuse. Supports internal movement network and customer bulk order
icon sustainable use
Sustainable use

When designing our lifesaving innovations, we aim to create products that are both more powerful and more energy efficient.

icon sustainable end of life
Sustainable end of life

While we develop innovations that serve our customers for long into the future, our design process extends to the end of life of our products.

  • 3. 100% recyclable in the US and widely recyclable globally.

Impact the World, Not the Environment

The NovaSeq™ X Series Systems are purposefully designed to reduce environmental impact. The improved robustness and stability of XLEAP-SBS reagents allows for shipping at ambient temperatures, and reagent consumable plastics are made from sugar-cane based biopolymers. Sustainability was at the forefront of NovaSeq™ X design, with an aim to move beyond incremental improvements and challenge the status quo to benefit our customers and the planet. Learn more about our most sustainable sequencer, the NovaSeq X Series.

50% less cartridge volume

less cartridge volume

50% less plastic mass and volume

less plastic mass and volume

90% less packaging weight and waste

less packaging weight and waste

ambient temperature reagent shipping

Ambient temperature reagent shipping

no tool required

Designed for cartridge disassembly and recycling with no tool required

plant based plastics

plant based bio-polymer plastics

data storage optimized for reduced energy requirements

Data storage optimized for reduced storage and energy requirements

reduction in climate impact

reduction in climate impact*

* Based on comparison of NovaSeq™ 6000 reagent kits and NovaSeq™ X reagent kits.

Empowering Agrigenomics Across the Globe

Leveraging genomics for sustainability applications

The positive power of genomics is helping to identify, measure, and solve some of the planet’s most challenging and pressing sustainability issues. Our customers are leveraging the power of genomics for studies on biodiversity, endangered species protection, ecosystem conservation, sustainable agricultural practices, and climate change research.

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Genomics for good in action

Breeding better sugar with genomics
Breeding better sugar with genomics
The race results are in—and so is the marine genomic data
The race results are in—and so is the marine genomic data
A lesser-known application of genomics: Reducing cow burp intensity
A lesser-known application of genomics: Reducing cow burp intensity