Correlation Engine

Correlation Engine is an interactive omics knowledgebase that puts private omics data in biological context with highly curated public data.

One of the largest biological databases in the world, Correlation Engine provides life science researchers with unprecedented access to vast numbers of high-quality whole-genome analyses and insightful scientific tools. The knowledgebase enables novel discoveries by interrogating billions of data points derived from standardized analyses of whole genome studies.

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Product Highlights

  • A suite of applications to determine biological context, a continually growing library of curated data sets, and support for multiple species and multiomic datasets.
Easy to use
  • Utilize a simple graphical user interface to leverage guided workflows, push button applications, and APIs.
High quality public data
  • Access to over 25,000 multi-omics studies (from over 250,000 signatures) that have been reanalyzed by DRAGEN™ and quality-verified by Illumina.

Frequently Purchased Together

Accelerate your journey from omic data to decision

Quickly correlate and ask questions about your data with Correlation Engine’s 256K curated omics signatures.

Illumina CE workflow

Biomarker Discovery and Validation

Identify key biomarkers and discover which genes in signatures provide the best markers for major disease areas, optimal therapeutic targets, and mechanisms of action.

Drug Repurposing

Look for inverse correlations to discover gene-disease compound links that indicate a new purpose for a drug.

University Wide Research Libraries

Enable researchers campus-wide to query and utilize highly curated public omics data to contextualize their data to accelerate their research projects and generate publications.

Drug Safety and Toxicogenomics

Leverage public toxicology studies to evaluate compound signatures and utilize curated studies or the meta-analysis app to uncover overlaps with other known toxicogenomic signatures.

Multiomics | Offering a holistic view of human health

Integrate multiomics methods in your research to better connect genotype to phenotype and obtain a full cellular readout.

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BaseSpace Correlation Engine
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Product Literature

Correlation Engine Flyer

Brochure | PDF < 1 MB

DNA-Seq Data Processing

Technical Note | PDF < 1 MB

RNA-Seq Data Processing

Technical Note | PDF < 1 MB

Data Analysis: GWAS Processing

Technical Note | PDF < 1 MB

Data Analysis: DNA Methylation

Technical Note | PDF < 1 MB

The Body Atlas Application

Technical Note | PDF 1 MB

Data Analysis: ChIP-Seq

Technical Note | PDF < 1 MB

Data Correlation Details: Enrichment Analysis

Technical Note | PDF < 1 MB

BaseSpace Correlation Engine API Overview

Technical Note | PDF 1 MB

Basespace Correlation Engine

Data Sheet | PDF 1 MB

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