Illumina and GenoScreen Deeplex® Myc-TB Combo Kit

Multiplex panel, library prep, indexes, and bioinformatic analysis for NGS sequencing of mycobacterium, M. tuberculosis complex (MTBC) strains and antimicrobial resistance markers. Read More...
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Illumina and Genoscreen Deeplex Myc-TB Combo IDP Kit (48 samples)


Illumina and Genoscreen Deeplex Myc-TB Combo XT Kit (48 samples)


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The Illumina and GenoScreen Deeplex® Myc-TB Combo Kit is a targeted next generation sequencing panel for the identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) strains, mycobacterial species identification, genotyping, and prediction of drug resistance mutations of MTBC strains. Data analysis is included via a cloud-based Deeplex® software web application with results visualization. Two kit options are available based on which library prep is desired.

  • Identification of resistance mutations to 15 anti-tuberculosis drugs
  • Genotyping and spoligotyping of MTBC strains to determine lineage and sublineage of strains present in a sample
  • Identification of >140 mycobacterial species and detection of co-infections with distinct species
  • Total turnaround time less than 48 hours directly from sputum with no need to perform culture

Combo kits contain either Nextera XT library prep or Illumina DNA Prep (IDP) library prep. Choose the SKU that includes the library prep you prefer.

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