AmpliSeq for Illumina Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Panel

Targeted panel that measures expression levels of >20,000 human RefSeq genes.Read More...
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AmpliSeq™ Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Panel for Illumina®


Library Prep

AmpliSeq™ Library PLUS (24 Reactions) for Illumina®


AmpliSeq™ Library PLUS (96 Reactions) for Illumina®


AmpliSeq™ Library PLUS (384 Reactions) for Illumina®


Index Adapters

AmpliSeq™ UD Indexes for Illumina® (24 Indexes, 24 Samples)


AmpliSeq™ CD Indexes Set A for Illumina®


AmpliSeq™ CD Indexes Set B for Illumina®


AmpliSeq™ CD Indexes Set C for Illumina®


AmpliSeq™ CD Indexes Set D for Illumina®


AmpliSeq™ CD Indexes Set A-D for Illumina® (384 Indexes, 384 Samples)



Ampliseq™ cDNA Synthesis for Illumina®


AmpliSeq™ for Illumina® Sample ID Panel


AmpliSeq™ for Illumina® Direct FFPE DNA


AmpliSeq™ Library Equalizer for Illumina®



The AmpliSeq for Illumina Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Panel is a highly multiplexed targeted resequencing assay for measuring expression levels of over 20,000 human RefSeq genes in a single assay. Key features include:

Fast Gene Expression Profiling

Prepare libraries in 6 hours with < 1.5 hours hands-on time; results available in < 2 days.

Low-Quality, Low-Quantity Sample Input

Obtain high-quality data even when starting with minimal input from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues.

DNA-to-Analysis Solution

Take advantage of a comprehensive workflow that spans library preparation, sequencing, and analysis.

The Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Panel is part of an integrated workflow that includes AmpliSeq for Illumina polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based library preparation, Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, and automated analysis.

This ready-to-use panel saves you the time and effort of identifying targets, designing primers, and optimizing panels.

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AmpliSeq for Illumina Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Panel Illumina Stranded Total RNA Prep with Ribo-Zero Plus TruSeq Stranded Total RNA TruSeq Stranded Total RNA with Ribo-Zero Globin
Content Specifications > 95% of human RefSeq genes; 20,802 genes; captures human transcriptome 捕获编码RNA以及多种形式的非编码RNA。 捕获编码RNA以及多种形式的非编码RNA。 捕获编码RNA以及多种形式的非编码RNA。
Description Study the expression levels of >20,000 human RefSeq genes using sequence-specific amplicons. 用于多种类型样本的全转录组测序研究。包含Ribo-Zero plus模块,一个试管即可去除多个物种的转录本。 For whole-transcriptome sequencing studies. The Total RNA version depletes cytoplasmic rRNA while the Total RNA Gold version depletes cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNA. 用于血液来源RNA的全转录组测序研究。去除细胞质rRNA、线粒体rRNA和珠蛋白mRNA。
Input Quantity 1-100 ng RNA (10 ng recommended) 对于标准质量RNA样本,可使用1–1000 ng的总RNA。对于FFPE样本,建议最少使用10 ng的总RNA,以获得理想效果。 0.1 – 1 ug high-quality total RNA. Lower-quality samples may require further optimization. 0.1–1 ug血液来源的高质量纯化总RNA
Method Exome Sequencing , mRNA Sequencing , 靶向RNA测序 全转录组测序 全转录组测序 全转录组测序
Specialized Sample Types Blood, FFPE Tissue FFPE Tissue, Low-Input Samples FFPE Tissue Blood
Species Category 人类 Virus, 人类, 大鼠, 小鼠, 细菌 人类, 大鼠, 小鼠 人类, 大鼠, 小鼠

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