From Genotype to Phenotype | Illumina Webinar

February 15, 2016

Lachlan Jolly, Research Fellow, School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide, Pediatrics and Reproductive Health, discusses his insights on gene function in cell models of brain development. He will review how genes linked to intellectual disability are crucial for brain development and also highlight the identification and characterization of x-linked intellectual disability genes using next-generation sequencing(NGS) in patient derived cell lines. This work has led to a better understanding of relevant disease mechanisms that converge on embryonic stages of brain development. Webinar at a glance • Review of inherited disorders and their link to intellectual disability • Transcription factor regulation in neural development • Disease mechanisms that play a role in embryonic stages of brain development View related webinars Accelerate your research. Power your next big breakthrough. | Illumina Webinar View related information Introduction to RNA Sequencing Subscribe to the Illumina video channel

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