High-throughput genomic analysis tools

Fast, cost-effective sequencing and microarray solutions for large-scale studies

High-Throughput Genomics: NGS & Arrays

Researchers are harnessing the power of high-throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) and microarray technologies to conduct large-scale, global genetic analyses. This research often focuses on multifactorial genetic discovery of disease risk markers, and may involve looking for changes in genetic variants such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), indels, splice variants, structural variants, and methylation markers.

High-throughput genomics studies with tens to hundreds of thousands of samples require fast, cost-effective tools. Illumina offers high-throughput sequencing and array technologies with comprehensive sample-to-analysis solutions and exceptional collaborative expertise to meet these needs.

Sequencing by synthesis is a massively parallel sequencing technology that has revolutionized sequencing capabilities and launched the next generation in genomic sciences.

Our high-density microarray technology offers trusted data quality and exceptional coverage of valuable genomic regions, making Illumina arrays the platform of choice by leading institutions for high-throughput screening and large-scale genotyping research programs.

Scientist in a High-Throughput Lab Using Illumina Sequencers

The latest Illumina sequencers unite high-performance imaging with state-of-the-art flow cells to deliver massive increases in throughput. With unmatched scalable throughput, tremendous flexibility for a broad range of applications, and streamlined operation, the NovaSeq 6000 System is the most powerful high-throughput Illumina sequencer to date, perfectly positioned to help scientists perform large-scale genomics studies. The system offers output of up to 6 Tb and 20 billion reads in < 2 days.

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NovaSeq Instrument and Flow Cells

Scientists Discuss High-Throughput Sequencing Projects

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High-Throughput NGS to Identify Breast Cancer Targets

The Breast Cancer Atlas Project involves sequencing more than a million individual breast cancer cells to help researchers identify potential therapeutic targets.

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High-Throughput Sequencing Supports Australia Genome Center Growth

Implementing high-capacity NGS allowed the Deakin Genomics Centre to expand projects for species ancient and new, large and small.

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GLOBAL Clinical Study
Value of a Panomics-Based Drug Discovery Approach

A large clinical study that integrates sequencing with imaging, multiomic technologies, and big data uncovers novel therapeutic targets for chronic diseases.

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Recent advances in sequencing technologies have allowed for the development of high-throughput genomics-based strategies to assay GWAS SNPs for potential functional relevance. Powerful combinations of high-throughput experimental assays, single-cell approaches, and computational analyses are accelerating the ability to link variants to function, and, by extension, link genotype to phenotype.

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Prioritizing Functional Genetic Variants
High-Throughput Library Prep Automation

For labs preparing large quantities of NGS libraries, liquid-handling robots and other automation solutions provide a good option.

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Multiplex Sequencing

Sample multiplexing allows large numbers of NGS libraries to be pooled and sequenced simultaneously during a single run.

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Bioinformatics Pipeline Setup

Find information and resources to help simplify the process of setting up an informatics infrastructure and data analysis pipeline.

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Learn how you can benefit from a laboratory information management system (LIMS) optimized for genomics, and find out what to look for.

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High-Throughput Genotyping

Large-scale genotyping with arrays can identify variants associated with disease risk in large cohorts or populations.

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Hear From High-Throughput Genomics Labs

Establishing and Scaling an Efficient Genotyping Facility
Establishing and Scaling an Efficient Genotyping Facility

Prenetics created a high-throughput genotyping laboratory to serve its growing customer base in Southeast Asia.

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DNA Variants
Polygenic Risk Scores Could Become Useful Tools in the Physician's Toolbox

Researchers discuss large GWAS studies to identify disease-associated DNA risk loci and develop PRSs for clinical validation.

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Scientists in a High-Throughput Lab
Scaling Up to Genotype Thousands of Samples

Resource planning and automated genotyping workflows allowed GPBio to achieve immediate efficiency and throughput gains.

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Population Genomics

National population genomics programs seek to integrate large, diverse data sets, combining clinical information with genomic data at scale.

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Complex Disease Research

Genomic technologies are introducing new avenues for understanding complex disease etiology on a molecular level.

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Drug Discovery & Development

NGS can help pharmaceutical scientists identify potential drug targets and support development of targeted therapies.

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Shared Vision for the Power of Human WGS
Shared Vision for the Power of Human WGS

Genomics leaders share their perspective on the impact of high-throughput and population sequencing in clinical research.

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