Molecular Biology Reagents

Ribosomal RNA removal reagents, QC kits, buffers, and more

Molecular Biology Reagents

Featured Molecular Biology Reagents

Illumina Ribo-Zero Plus rRNA Depletion Kit

This kit removes ribosomal RNA in human, mouse, rat, and bacterial samples.

Ribo-Zero Plus Microbiome rRNA Depletion Kit

Fast, efficient depletion of undesirable host and pan-bacterial rRNA from complex microbial samples (eg stool) for metatranscriptomics research.

Infinium FFPE QC and DNA Restoration Kits

Evaluate sample quality and repair degraded FFPE DNA samples for use in Infinium array-based assays.

rRNA & Globin mRNA Depletion Selection Guide

Illumina solutions set the standard for ribosomal RNA and globin mRNA removal for RNA-Seq library preparation.

Popular Illumina Molecular Biology Reagents

Illumina Tagment DNA TDE1 Enzyme and Buffer Kits: These components are frequently used in ATAC-Seq experiments to analyze chromatin accessibility.

AmpliSeq for Illumina Library Prep, Indexes, and Adapters: Find reagents designed for use with AmpliSeq for Illumina amplicon library preparation products, including solutions for cDNA synthesis and library normalization.

HT1 Hybridization Buffer: This reagent is used to dilute the PhiX control library and denatured libraries prior to sequencing. 

Epicentre Reagents

Technologies from Epicentre Biotechnologies, a leading provider of nucleic acid sample extraction reagents and specialized molecular biology enzymes, were integrated into the Illumina portfolio in 2011. Key technologies include Nextera, a transposon-based approach for rapid, simple next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation, as well as Ribo-Zero for ribosomal RNA removal.

Illumina continues to offer Nextera technology, now known as tagmentation, a bead-linked transposome technology integrated into Illumina DNA Prep products. Ribo-Zero rRNA removal solutions for RNA sequencing are still available from Illumina as well.

However, several other molecular biology reagents originally developed by Epicentre, including those listed below, are now available from Lucigen.

cDNA Synthesis Kits: Find first-strand cDNA synthesis kits, including Epicentre MessageBOOSTER and MMLV kits, for use in downstream applications such as real-time PCR and end-point RT-PCR.

PCR Kits and Reagents: Access a wide variety of PCR enzymes and kits, from standard PCR to high-fidelity, GC-rich, and long template PCR. Find FailSafe and MasterAmp products originally from Epicentre.

Nucleic Acid Purification and Extraction Kits: Isolate DNA and RNA from a wide variety of sample types and species, for use in multiple downstream applications, including NGS and arrays.

All Lucigen Epicentre Products: See the full list of former Epicentre products now available from Lucigen.

DNA/RNA Isolation Considerations

Find guidance to help you avoid contamination and inhibitors while purifying DNA and/or RNA before sequencing library preparation.

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