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Product Highlights

Operate Production Workflows
  • Easily import, build, and edit workflows with tools like CWL and Nextflow
  • Leverage DRAGEN bioinformatics pipelines
Manage Your Data Centrally
  • Organize data in a secure workspace and share it globally in a compliant manner
  • Keep your data in your cloud environment while using our platform
Analyze Data with Interactive Tools
  • Visualize and interpret your data with a flexible analysis environment, including JupyterLab Notebooks
  • Aggregate, query, and analyze sample and population data in a scalable data warehouse

view video about omics discovery

To unlock the next wave of omics discovery, we must analyze, manage, aggregate, mine, and explore data more efficiently. Now, we can.

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high-throughput sequencing
High-Throughput Sequencing Operations

Scale analysis operations by building, validating, automating and deploying informatics pipelines.

genomics services
Genomics Services

Reduce the time required to analyze genomic data, when swift results can be a critical factor.

drug discovery and development
Drug Discovery and Development

Enable comprehensive profiling to identify novel drug targets and drug response biomarkers.

Product Features

  • Illumina Instrument Integration
    Flow data seamlessly from Illumina sequencing systems
  • Data Management
    Store, archive, manage, and collaborate on multi-omic datasets
  • User-Centric
    Multiple ways to interact with the platform, including a user interface, application programming interface (API), and command-line interface (CLI)
  • Execute Analysis
    Process data automatically after a sequencing run with pre-packaged tools and DRAGEN pipelines
  • Robust Development Environment
    Build, edit and version custom pipelines and workflows using Docker, Common Workflow Language (CWL), and Nextflow.
  • Data Warehouse
    Perform powerful queries on aggregated datasets at a massive scale
  • Enterprise Security & Compliance
    HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, Single sign-on, Service-Level Agreement
  • Advanced Data Science
    JupyterLab Notebooks enabling artificial intelligence and machine learning applications
  • Bring-Your-Own-Bucket
    Connect privately managed S3 buckets with ICA for fine-grained data control

Meeting the High Standards of Data Privacy and Protection

To meet the most stringent security requirements, the Illumina Connected Analytics Platform was built with security and compliance at its core.

GDPR Ready
bsi-iso Ready
ISO 27001 CERTIFIED by schellman
schellman certified iso 27701
Illumina Connected Analytics Cohorts

A module in Connected Analytics for rapidly building and exploring study cohorts.

Learn About Cohorts
connected analytics cohort ui

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