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Cambridge Science Festival Sparks Scientific Enthusiasm

Illumina Foundation extends global support of STEM efforts.

Cambridge Science Festival Sparks Scientific Enthusiasm
April 8, 2019

For 25 years, the Cambridge Science Festival, in the U.K., has engaged the public with science-based activities, discussions and opportunities. Over the course of two weeks, the festival hosted more than 350 events and garnered 60,000 attendees.

The Illumina Foundation is a proud sponsor of the Cambridge Science Festival.

“This is the fourth year that the Illumina Foundation is supporting the Cambridge Science Festival, and for that we are honored,”  said Stephen Rawlings, Associate Director of Program Management at Illumina. “We really enjoy having this opportunity to inspire young people through educational games and show them the impact DNA sequencing can have on human health.”

The Illumina Foundation was created to ensure that there are more opportunities to further genomics literacy, making our support of the festival a perfect match.

At the festival this year, we offered an all-day “Hands-On Science” experience with a series of fun games and activities for the whole family. We hope to inspire people by igniting their interest in science and providing them with knowledge of how we can unlock the power of the genome.   

Click here to learn more about the Cambridge Science Festival

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