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Simple DNA Sequence Analysis Tools

Illumina sequencing systems can produce gigabases of sequencing data per day. Our intuitive bioinformatics solutions help researchers make sense of all those base calls. Illumina offers a wide range of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis software tools, including push-button tools for DNA sequence alignment, variant calling, and data visualization.

Data generated on Illumina sequencing instruments are automatically transferred and stored securely in BaseSpace Sequence Hub. BaseSpace Hub features a collection of expert-preferred data analysis apps that support a broad range of genomic studies. Analyze DNA sequencing data from large or small whole genomes, whole exomes, targeted gene regions, and more with these user-friendly apps.

Benefits of DNA Sequencing Data Analysis with BaseSpace Apps

Illumina has developed BaseSpace Apps to simplify NGS data handling and interpretation. Designed for researchers who need simple, comprehensive, and cost-effective analyses, these apps provide scalable bioinformatics solutions for analysis of DNA sequencing data and other Illumina NGS data.

BaseSpace Apps for DNA sequence analysis:

  • Are accessible to any researcher, regardless of bioinformatics experience
  • Support a broad range of applications, including whole-genome, targeted, and exome sequencing data analysis, as well as de novo sequencing, methylation sequencing, metagenomics studies, and more
  • Seamlessly integrate with Illumina sequencing systems
  • Present results in easy-to-interpret reports
  • Allow instant data sharing with collaborators around the world

BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Easily and securely analyze, archive, and share NGS data, in the cloud or onsite.

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Featured Apps for DNA Sequencing Data

Whole-Genome Sequencing Apps

Targeted Sequencing Apps

  • BaseSpace Enrichment App: Analyzes exome or targeted DNA sequencing data using fast and accurate Isaac algorithms for alignment and variant calling.
  • BaseSpace BWA Enrichment App: Performs targeted resequencing or exome sequencing data analysis using BWA for alignment and GATK for variant calling.
  • BaseSpace TruSeq Amplicon App: Streamlined analysis of NGS data enriched for particular target sequences using TruSeq Amplicon reads.

Epigenetic Sequencing Apps

  • MethylSeq: Enables DNA methylation analysis. Aligns bisulfite sequencing reads and performs methylation calls.
  • ChipSeq: Identifies transcription factor binding sites from chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-Seq) data, and discovers motifs.

Metagenomic Sequencing Apps

  • Kraken Metagenomics: Enables microbial identification. Assigns taxonomic labels to short DNA sequences with high sensitivity and speed.
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