Spend more time doing research and less time setting up software

Sequencing Data Analysis and Management

Easily analyze, store, manage and track genomic data with Illumina sequencing data analysis and management tools. Our sequencing data analysis software packages perform analysis after the on-instrument data processing is complete.

These bioinformatics tools ensure optimal time-to-answer, so you can spend more time doing research, and less time configuring and running your data analysis workflows.

Sequencing Data Analysis and Management
with BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Now sequencing labs can easily and securely analyze, archive, and share sequencing data all within a single, streamlined environment. BaseSpace Sequence Hub genomics computing environment is available in both cloud and onsite versions.

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Sequencing Sample Tracking and LIMS

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS provides enterprise-level LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) for NGS labs. Track samples, users, workflows, and fleets of sequencing instruments through the entire sequencing process.

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Sequencing Data Library

Get instant access to example data from key Illumina sequencing applications. View sample data sets and reports, or test BaseSpace Apps on the sample data, and evaluate the results interactively.

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Sequencing Data Analysis for Forensic Genomics

ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software is specifically designed to support forensic genomics applications. This fully validated software can be used to analyze and interpret a wide range of forensics casework and database samples.

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