Guided sample sheet creation and setup

Illumina Experiment Manager

Design and Validate Illumina Sequencing Experiments

Illumina Experiment Manager (IEM) is a wizard-driven application that allows researchers to design experiments prior to an Illumina sequencing run*. It guides you through the creation and setup of your sample sheet. The built-in validation checks to minimize errors in setting up your sample sheet.

Avoid Sub-Optimal Index Combinations

Illumina recommends using IEM before starting sample or library preparation. IEM can detect and warn of sub-optimal index combinations. By creating the sample sheet prior to sample or library preparation, you can try a different index combination without risking your samples.

Manage TruSeq Custom Amplicon Samples

IEM helps you manage your TruSeq Custom Amplicon samples and plates. Pooling multiplexed samples is as simple as importing the entire library plate or picking and pooling wells.

*IEM may be used to create sample sheets for any Illumina sequencer. However, we recommend that NextSeq 500/550 and MiniSeq System owners use the Prep feature in BaseSpace Sequence Hub for sequencing sample and run management.

Illumina Experiment Manager

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