Quickly identify and classify disease-relevant variants

VariantStudio Variant Analysis Software

The Illumina VariantStudio data analysis software application enables researchers to quickly identify and classify disease-relevant variants, and then communicate significant findings in a structured report. A powerful variant analysis and reporting tool, VariantStudio allows researchers to go from human DNA variants to biological insight, fast.

This desktop application offers:

  • Easy-to-Use Application: Intuitive user interface enables easy variant analysis and exploration, without requiring bioinformatics expertise
  • Rapid and Complete Annotation: Biological information aggregated from a broad range of sources into a single database for comprehensive annotation of genomic data
  • Streamlined Variant Filtering and Classification: Extensive set of filters and efficient categorization processes streamline assessment of biologically relevant variants
  • Customizable Reporting: Flexible report generation summarizes disease-relevant and biologically significant results in a structured format

To learn more about VariantStudio:

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VariantStudio Software Availability

VariantStudio is currently available with purchase of TruSight sequencing panels or with an Illumina supply agreement.

*For Research Use Only

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VariantStudio Support

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