Resources for molecular diagnostic sequencing assays

Featured publications and system literature for the MiSeqDx System

MiSeqDx Resources

MiSeqDx Instrument Reference Guide

Information about instrument components and software, performing a sequencing run, and maintenance.

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MiSeqDx Instrument Site Prep Guide

Preparing a lab for the MiSeqDx Platform: lab space, electrical, and bench requirements, and user-supplied consumables.

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Personalized Training Workflow Selection Tool

This tool will help you determine the best hands-on sequencing training for your needs based on your area of interest, application, library preparation kit, and platform.

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Sequencing Coverage

Sequencing coverage describes the average number of NGS reads that align to known reference bases. Coverage requirements vary by application.

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Quality Scores

Additional information about sequencing quality scores, how they are calculated, and the relationship between quality score and base call accuracy.

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MiSeqDx Documentation

User guide, safety guide, site preparation guide, and related application and tech notes for the MiSeqDx instrument.

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Sequencing Troubleshooting Tips

These short videos provide expert tips for common sequencing issues such as overclustering and inconsistent quantitation.

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