TruSight Autism Content Set Product Files

This manifest file contains the list of targeted regions corresponding to the TruSight Autism Content Set. This file is used by Illumina Experiment Manager (v1.4 or greater) and MiSeq Reporter Software (v2.1 or greater) for the analysis of TruSight Autism set.

This bed file contains information on the TruSight Autism Content Set. The bed file can be loaded into UCSC Genome Browser to visualize targeted regions or to compare with other data of interest accessible via UCSC Browser's tables function. The file includes chromosome, targeted coordinates and the gene symbol concatenated the chr-start-stop information.

Note regarding biomarker patents and other patents unique to specific uses of products.

Many Illumina products can be used to analyze a sample and detect the presence or absence of specific genomic variants within or across genes, nucleic acid sequences or genomic regions, some of which, and their use in specific applications, may be protected by patents. Customers are advised to determine whether they are required to obtain licenses from the party that owns or controls such patents in order to use the product in the customer’s specific application.