BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer allows you to integrate and analyze subject and genomic data together using innovative visualization and analysis tools.

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer enables you to aggregate and analyze subject and genomic data with access to over 100 bioinformatics workflows. Academic centers and research hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and population sequencing centers can accelerate biomarker and drug discovery, track longitudinal and outcome data, and compare subjects and cohorts for clinical trials.1

With BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer, researchers can:
  • Integrate and analyze proprietary subject data with curated public content to enhance results interpretation
  • Perform in silico trials to assess the value of biomarkers as companion diagnostics
  • Assess drug targets with integrated genomic data from cell lines
  • Access a manually curated collection of over 85,000 interpreted biomarkers for disease association, molecular classification, prognostic, predictive, drug target, and therapeutics information for research
  • Identify candidate predictive biomarkers by retrospective analysis of clinical trials
  • Define enrollment criteria to enrich clinical trials for subjects with optional response to therapy
  • Support precision medicine and population sequencing efforts by giving researchers and collaborators access to content and analytics

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Access to Curated Data

Explore a large repository of highly curated public and controlled-access data sets across a broad range of disease indications with over 17,000 samples. (Source: 2/20/2017 Cohort Analyzer Release Version v1.0.0-eea18c3)

Biomarker Discovery and Validation

Discover and validate biomarkers across multiple types of molecular data, clinical trial information, and cell line models.

Integrate and analyze comprehensive clinical and genomic information associated with each individual human subject, including longitudinal data.

An award-winning interface empowers any user to easily access content and analytics, not just those with bioinformatics or programmatic expertise.

Security and Quality Management

Successfully passed an independent third-party audit of security controls for HIPAA in 2013 & 2015.

Developed under an ISO 13485 certified quality system.

Supports regional data centers.

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BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer was previously known as NextBio Clinical.

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