MiSeq System

540 Mb–15 Gb
output range

1-25 million
reads per run

2 × 300 bp
max read length
Of Humans and Microbes: a Long Lasting Relationship
Of Humans and Microbes: a Long Lasting Relationship

Researchers analyzed fecal samples from humans, chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas to demonstrate that hominids and certain gut colonizing bacteria co-evolved.

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Seeking the Source of Bacterial Drug Resistance

A targeted deep sequencing assay identifies multidrug-resistant tuberculosis strains responsible for silent outbreaks.

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Agriculture Throughout the World is Benefiting from the Latest NGS Technologies

Texas A&M AgriLife uses the NovaSeq 6000 and iSeq 100 Systems to provide high-quality plant, animal and insect genome data to its partners worldwide.

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The Illumina Community

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