Making data analysis easy

Local Run Manager automates data analysis and run management on the iSeq 100 System

iSeq 100 System Software Tools

Each iSeq 100 System is delivered with Local Run Manager software already installed on the instrument. Local Run Manager makes it easy to plan experiments, monitor sequencing runs as they progress, and analyze data after sequencing is complete. It integrates with the instrument control software and is easily accessed through a web browser, with a user-friendly touch screen.

When starting a sequencing run on the iSeq 100 System, simply select the appropriate analysis module and library preparation kit used in your experiment. The software automatically performs on-instrument data analysis after sequencing completes and delivers results in intuitive reports. These reports can be viewed on the iSeq 100 System itself, or remotely from a computer on the same local area network. Local Run Manager currently offers the following analysis modules.

Download Analysis Modules or Get Support

Download a specific analysis software module or access Local Run Manager technical support information.

Custom Assay Design with DesignStudio

DesignStudio Software guides you through creation of custom sequencing and microarray assays. This web-based assay design tool streamlines the selection of targets, submission and review of designs, and purchase of complete kits.

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BaseSpace Sequence Hub
Data Analysis in BaseSpace Sequence Hub

BaseSpace Sequence Hub is a powerful computing environment for analyzing, managing, and sharing data. It integrates with Illumina instruments, so you can set up runs, monitor progress, and stream data directly to the cloud. BaseSpace Sequence Hub also provides access to a curated set of data analysis apps.

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BaseSpace Clarity LIMS
BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is a laboratory information management system that helps labs track samples and optimize procedures and workflows. It automates routine tasks and integrates with your laboratory’s ecosystem.

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