Next-Generation Sequencing for Beginners

Next-Generation Sequencing Basics

These resources cover key topics in next-generation sequencing (NGS) designed for beginners. We'll guide you through the workflow, tutorials, and planning your first experiment.

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The Worldwide Impact of NGS

Next-generation sequencing is revolutionizing research, enabling experiments that weren’t possible before.

Get Started with NGS Basics

Let's start with a detailed overview of the main steps in the next-generation sequencing workflow.

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Additional Resources

Choosing an NGS Company

Seek out a best-in-class next-generation sequencing company with user-friendly bioinformatics tools and industry-leading support and service.

Next-Generation Sequencing Glossary

Find definitions for common terms and illustrations of important concepts in NGS.

NGS Workflow Consulting

Get started faster with our experimental design experts.* We’ll help you design an NGS workflow that’s right for you.

Illumina Online Community

In our open forum, researchers can come together to support one another, ask questions, and collaborate on great science.

*Not available in Asia or South Pacific countries