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This kit provides a low-cost exome sequencing solution that delivers exceptional target coverage over a broad range of read depths. Read More...
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TruSeq Exome Kit (24 Samples)



TruSeq® Exome Kit (96 Samples)


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Product Highlights

The TruSeq Exome Kit, previously known as the TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit, is a cost-effective library preparation and exome enrichment solution that offers:

  • Mechanical shearing and TruSeq enrichment technology that yield uniform coverage and high on-target sequencing reads
  • A fully supported workflow solution to simplify exome sequencing
Cost-Effective Exome Sequencing

The TruSeq Exome Kit supports 12-plex pre-enrichment library pooling, enabling researchers to maximize sequencing throughput and variant identification by sequencing up to 12 libraries per flow cell lane. This enables sequencing of more exomes per run, so researchers can maximize their budgets.

To learn more about calculating coverage estimates, see the sequencing coverage calculator.

Proven TruSeq Data Quality

The TruSeq Exome Kit delivers ≥ 80% of on-target sequencing reads for efficient, cost-effective exome sequencing. By combining the TruSeq Exome Kit with Illumina systems using sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology, researchers can identify true coding variants and minimize false-positive and false-negative calls.

Convenient, Integrated Workflow Solution

Illumina provides an integrated, supported workflow solution that guides researchers from library preparation through analysis. All components of the exome sequencing workflow are designed, optimized, and analytically validated together. Expert Illumina scientists provide a single source of technical and field support for every step in the process.

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Illumina–IDT Exome Enrichment Solution

Illumina is partnering with IDT to co-market a combined exome enrichment solution using the xGen® Exome Research Panel v1.0, which consists of 429,826 individually synthesized and quality-controlled xGen Lockdown® Probes. The panel spans a 39 Mb target region (19,396 genes) of the human genome and covers 51 Mb of end-to-end tiled space. xGen Blocking Oligos (Cat. No.1075474, 1075475, or 1075476 for TruSeq libraries) and xGen Lockdown Reagents (Cat. No. 1072280 or 1072281) are also required.

Learn more about the IDT xGen Exome Research Panel
Illumina and IDT Partner on NGS Multiplexing and Exome Enrichment

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Project Recommendations

Instrument Recommended Number of Samples Read Length
NextSeq 550 System Samples per run: mid output: 3, high output: 12 (based on 50 million reads, 50× coverage, 4 Gb of data) 2 × 75 bp (max recommended)
HiSeq 2500 System Samples per run (dual flow cell): rapid run: 24, high output: 156 (based on 50 million reads, 50× coverage, 4 Gb of data) 2 × 75 bp (max recommended)
NovaSeq 6000 System Samples per run (dual flow cell): S1: 160, S2: 320, S4: 769 (based on 50 million reads, 50× coverage, 4 Gb of data) ≤ 2 × 100 bp

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On-Target Exome Enrichment
Percentage of Reads on Target

The TruSeq Exome Kit delivers ≥80% of on-target sequencing reads for efficient, cost-effective exome sequencing.

TruSeq Exome Kit (Pre-Assembled Kits)
Catalog Number Total Samples Number of Enrichment Reactions Index Adapters
20020614 24 8 24 single indexes (Set A and Set B)
20020615 96 8 96 combinatorial dual indexes

Product Literature

Illumina Exomes Comparative Table

Product Information Sheet | PDF < 1 MB

Evaluating DNA Quality from FFPE Samples

Technical Note | PDF < 1 MB

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