Streamlined, efficient management of genomics experiments

Software tools that support your sequencing or microarray projects

Sample and Experiment Management

High-throughput genomics labs face the difficulty of managing/tracking samples and designing custom assays. We offer user-friendly tools to help start and manage your sequencing or microarray project.

Our informatics tools help you import biological sample information, design and pool libraries, prepare sequencing runs, create custom targeted sequencing panels, and generate sample sheets.

Easily Manage Samples and Set Up Experiments

Modern genomics research generates an unprecedented amount of data. Faced with increasing data volumes and sample throughput, labs seeking to streamline lab operation and cut costs must modernize their approach.

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) is software that allows you to effectively manage samples and associated data. With this software, your lab can automate workflows and integrate with instruments to improve lab efficiency.

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Sample Management for High-Throughput Labs
Lab Management and Data Analysis for COVID-19

Learn about Clarity LIMS workflows for COVID-19 RT-PCR and respiratory virus sequencing. Explore tools that help researchers detect and identify SARS-CoV-2 and contribute to public databases, free of charge.

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Lab Management and Data Analysis for COVID-19

DesignStudio Software guides you through creation of Illumina custom sequencing and microarray assays. This web-based assay design tool streamlines the selection of targets, submission and review of designs, and purchase of complete kits.

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Custom Assay Design
Setting up and running sequencing experiments is easy with software designed for Illumina sequencing systems. The specific software tool to use depends on which Illumina sequencer is utilized.
For NextSeq Series and MiniSeq Sequencing Systems:

The Prep Tab in BaseSpace Sequence Hub enables simple sample and run management. This software offers an intuitive, graphical environment for one-stop library and run preparation.

For NovaSeq, HiSeq, or MiSeq Sequencing Systems:

The Illumina Experiment Manager software application guides you through the creation of sample sheets before a sequencer run. Built-in validation checks help you minimize sample sheet errors.

With rapidly advancing NGS technology, it’s critical to have quality-control checks for the large volumes of data being generated. Illumina provides guidelines for using control DNA standards in sequencing experiments, enabling researchers to maintain confidence in the quality of their data and experimental results.

Importance of Standards and Quality Control

See what high-quality sequencing data should look like.

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Learn more about sequencing quality scores.

Understand the Numbers

Learn more about PhiX, the standard control DNA used for Illumina sequencing experiments.

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