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Supporting the development of targeted therapeutics

Genomics in Drug Discovery & Development

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) and other genomic analysis technologies can help pharmaceutical and biotech researchers better understand the genetic variants associated with various diseases. These insights can accelerate drug discovery efforts and support the development of targeted therapeutics and multi-analyte tumor analysis. NGS also opens the door for discovery of novel methods to monitor cancer treatment and recurrence.

lllumina brings innovation to drug discovery and development by offering comprehensive genomic solutions working in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical providers.

Companion Diagnostics Development

As targeted therapies make their way through pharmaceutical pipelines, the need for detailed biomarker information and companion diagnostics is increasing.

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NGS for Drug Development

NGS can help pharmaceutical researchers and drug developers explore genomic variation. This can inform drug target discovery, validation, and clinical development.

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Understand how variations in the human genome affect our response to medications. Pharmacogenomics (PGx) research can ultimately help maximize the benefits of treatment plans while reducing health care costs.

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A groundbreaking international clinical study has succeeded in integrating imaging, multiomic technologies, and data analysis into a powerful drug discovery engine. The Global Genomics Group (G3) has demonstrated the value of its novel approach, with the introduction of a new diagnostic and several drug candidates in development with pharmaceutical partners.

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Panomics-Based Drug Discovery

Pharmaceutical and biotech scientists leading targeted drug discovery efforts have traditionally focused on inhibiting or modulating the function of abnormal proteins. But diseases could also potentially be treated in the future by controlling gene expression. In this podcast episode, Dr. Eric R. Olson of Syros Pharmaceuticals explains how epigenomics is enabling a paradigm shift in drug discovery.

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