TruSight Tumor 26

TruSight Tumor 26 takes a deeper view of variation in solid tumors including lung, colon, melanoma, gastric and ovarian. This enables clinical researchers to identify low-frequency variation across 26 genes for a more comprehensive view of somatic variation.

  • Highly accurate variant analysis at limit of detection below 5% variant allele frequency across 174 amplicons, with 1000x minimum coverage of each region
  • Exceptional sample success rates with minimal DNA input for accurate base calling, even in degraded FFPE samples
  • Coverage of complete exons for analysis of molecular heterogeneity in highly relevant content selected from CAP1 and NCCN2 guidelines, and late stage clinical trials3

This panel provides amplicon-based library preparation reagents, DNA QC, sample indexes and oligos targeting identified regions of interest. Sufficient product is supplied for 48 samples. It is supported on the MiniSeq, MiSeq, NextSeq, and HiSeq sequencing systems.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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TruSight Tumor 26 Data Sheet (PDF)

Generating Sequencing Libraries from FFPE Samples White Paper (PDF)

Amplicon - DS Somatic Variant Caller Technical Note (PDF)

VariantStudio Data Sheet (PDF)

Scientific Posters

AMP2013: A multi-institutional study: Evaluation of a novel technique that uses strand-specific information to increase accuracy in a next-generation sequencing assay to identify somatic DNA variants (PDF)

ASCO2013: A novel approach that improves detection of somatic DNA variants in solid tumors by next-generation sequencing from FFPE samples (PDF)

ESHG2013: A novel technique that distinguishes low-level somatic DNA variants from FFPE-induced artifacts in solid tumors by next-generation sequencing (NGS) (PDF)


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  3. Clinical trials:

Note regarding biomarker patents and other patents unique to specific uses of products:
Some genomic variants, including some nucleic acid sequences, and their use in specific applications may be protected by patents. Customers are advised to determine whether they are required to obtain licenses from the party that owns or controls such patents in order to use the product in customer's specific application.

Catalog IDs: FC-130-2001, TG-130-2001