TruSight HLA v2 Sequencing Panel

The TruSight HLA v2 Sequencing Panel provides clinical researchers with a broad-coverage, ultra-high–resolution human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing solution for simple, rapid assessment of the HLA region in a single assay. It features:

  • Comprehensive Assay: One assay provides high-resolution sequencing of 11 HLA loci
  • Sample-to-Report Workflow: Includes library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis/reporting
  • Unambiguous Results: Deeper sequencing enables accurate and high-resolution HLA typing

Capture Full HLA Gene Sequences

TruSight HLA v2 covers all commonly typed HLA loci, plus those with emerging relevance. This expands gene coverage beyond the classical loci, providing additional information that can inform how and when immune responses occur. In addition, it achieves full gene coverage, enabling discovery of new alleles without the need to design new primers.

Sample-to-Report Workflow with Optimized Data Analysis

The comprehensive solution includes reagents and software optimized for HLA analysis. A simplified workflow enables turnaround time of less than 48 hours and increased efficiency with less than 4.5 hours of hands-on time.

On-instrument software analyzes sequence data generated from TruSight HLA libraries. TruSight HLA Assign Software provides flexible options for postanalysis reporting of results.

High-Accuracy HLA Typing

The expanded coverage of TruSight HLA v2 provides the highest level of resolution, eliminating the need for follow-up testing to obtain a confident typing result.

The HLA locus is sequenced with high-quality, paired-end 2 × 150 bp reads, enabling use of dense polymorphisms to assign phase accurately. This allows unambiguous HLA typing results to be derived directly from the sequencing data.

Product Literature

Description Document Type File Info
HLA Sequencing of IHWG Reference Samples – Supplementary Tables White Paper EXCEL< 1 MB
TruSight HLA v2 Sequencing Panel Data Sheet PDF< 1 MB
HLA Sequencing of IHWG Reference Samples with TruSight® HLA v2 Sequencing Panel White Paper PDF< 1 MB

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Note: With the introduction of the TruSight HLA v2 Sequencing Panel, which offers improved accuracy and efficiency at a reduced cost, the TruSight HLA v1 Sequencing Panel product page has been removed. Illumina remains committed to providing you with high-quality support and service during this transition. For v1 technical support information, visit the TruSight HLA v1 Support Page.