TruSeq RNA Library Preparation Kit v2

The TruSeq RNA Library Preparation Kits provide a simple, cost-effective solution for generating mRNA-focused libraries from total RNA. The kits feature 24 unique indexes, delivering enhanced multiplex performance for processing large numbers of samples (including up to 384 RNA-Seq samples on a single HiSeq 2500 System run).

Master-mixed reagents eliminate the majority of pipetting steps and reduce the amount of clean-up, as compared to previous methods, minimizing hands-on time. This results in economical, high-throughput RNA sequencing studies achieved with the easiest-to-use sample preparation workflow offered by any NGS platform.

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Interested in stranded total RNA library prep? View the TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Preparation Kit.

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System Compatibility

Genome Analyzer IIx
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Catalog IDs: RS-122-2001, RS-122-2002