TruSeq Custom Amplicon v1.5

TruSeq Custom Amplicon is a fully customizable, amplicon-based assay for targeted resequencing. The assay enables researchers to focus interrogation on key regions of genomic interest. Up to 1536 amplicons can be sequenced in a single reaction using a simple workflow. This highly targeted approach offers unparalled efficiency for discovering, validating, and screening genetic variants in areas of research focus.

Requiring as little as 50 ng of input genomic DNA (gDNA), this kit can be used with a wide range of sample types. The ability to multiplex up to 1536 amplicons per reaction allows coverage of up to 650 kb of cumulative sequence. Further, an integrated dual indexing scheme supports up to 96 samples per run, enabling researchers to fully benefit from the desktop sequencer output capabilities.

This assay provides improved performance in difficult to address GC-rich regions, as well as increased library yield, uniformity, and stability. Additionally, optimized amplification steps enable sample input requirements to drop from 150 ng to 50 ng.

The kit offers a fully integrated DNA-to-data solution, including convenient probe design and ordering using DesignStudio, an easy-to-use online software tool that provides dynamic feedback to optimize design and region coverage. Automated data analysis using the TruSeq Amplicon BaseSpace App allows researchers to easily review project data, including variants detected, across multiple runs.

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Interview with Robert Daber

Dr. Daber uses TruSeq Custom Amplicon for clinical research to better understand cancer prognosis and therapeutic choices.
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Prepare and enrich up to 384 amplicons per sample and 96 samples per plate simultaneously

The TruSeq Custom Amplicon Assay is a simple and streamlined method for capturing and amplifying targeted regions of interest.
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Find out more about TruSeq Custom Amplicon (TSCA). See how you can target hundreds of genes with simple, customized design. Detect rare somatic mutations below 5%. Prepare and sequence ~150,000 amplicons on the MiSeq System in less than two days, with automated analysis.


Introducing TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input

Two amplicon-based options for targeted sequencing are now available: TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input for low-input DNA and FFPE, or TruSeq Custom Amplicon 1.5 for very high plexity pools or longer amplicons.

TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input enables you to detect and discover high-quality information, even from limited and challenging samples. Use the table to compare assays.

Technology TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input TruSeq Custom Amplicon v1.5
Amplicon plexity (single pool) Up to 1536 Up to 10,000 (via Concierge)
Input requirement as low as 10 ng 50 ng
FFPE Compatibility Yes – 10 ng (FFPE DNA input dependent on quality) Yes – 250 ng
Amplicon size 150, 175, 250 bp 150, 175, 250, 425 bp
Instrument MiniSeq, MiSeq, NextSeq MiniSeq, MiSeq, NextSeq
Read Length Up to 2 x 150 bp Up to 2 x 300 bp
Time 6.5 hours 10 hours
Kit size (samples) 16, 96+ 96+


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