Nextera DNA Library Preparation Kit

Nextera DNA Library Preparation Kits provide the fastest and easiest workflow, enabling sequencing-ready libraries to be generated in less than 90 minutes, with less than 15 minutes of hands-on time. Samples prepared with Nextera kits are compatible with all Illumina sequencers.

The industry's fastest library prep

MiSeq: Prep 1.5 hours, Sequence 4.5 hours, Analyze less than 2 hours

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Workflow shown using the Nextera Library Preparation Kit, and 1 x 36 bp sequencing on MiSeq system.


With Nextera technology, DNA is simultaneously fragmented and tagged with sequencing adapters in a single step, using standard lab equipment. Ideal for precious samples available in limited quantity, the protocol requires only 50 ng of DNA input.  

Required Accessory Products

Sequencing Nextera DNA libraries on the HiSeq 1000/2000, HiSeq 1500/2500 in High Output mode, GA, or HiScan requires one of the following sequencing primer boxes:

  • TruSeq Dual Index Sequencing Primer Box, Single read
  • TruSeq Dual Index Sequencing Primer Box, Paired end

These primers are already included in the SBS reagents for the NextSeq, MiSeq, or HiSeq Rapid Run mode.

Also, please note that a Nextera Index kit (FC-121-1011 or FC-121-1012) is required to complete the protocol, regardless of the sample pooling level used for sequencing.

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System Compatibility

Genome Analyzer IIx
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Catalog IDs: FC-121-1031, FC-121-1030, FC-121-1012, FC-121-1011, FC-121-1003, PE-121-1003