Infinium CytoSNP-850K v1.1 BeadChip

The Infinium CytoSNP-850K v1.1 BeadChip provides comprehensive coverage of cytogenomic-relevant genes for studies associated with congenital disorders and cancer.

Thorough coverage for constitutional and cancer applications

The CytoSNP-850K v1.1 BeadChip contains approximately 850,000 empirically selected single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) spanning the entire genome with enriched coverage for 3262 dosage-sensitive genes of known cytogenetics relevance in both constitutional and cancer applications. The gene list was defined based on content from the International Collaboration for Clinical Genomics (ICCG)1 and the Cancer Genomics Consortium (CGC)2, providing a comprehensive view of cytogenomic activity.* This enhanced SNP coverage enables copy number calls as small as 10 kb in regions associated with genetic disease.

The SNP content for the CytoSNP-850K v1.1 BeadChip shares a high ~98.8% legacy overlap with the CytoSNP-850K v1.0 BeadChip. Performance of the new version has been validated on both the iScan System and the NextSeq 550 System using current versions of BlueFuse Multi and GenomeStudio Software.

High detection sensitivity for low-level mosaics

A unique attribute of the Infinium array technology is the use of long 50-mer probes that have high specificity to the SNP target. This increases sensitivity for low-level mosaics3 and offers high resolution for copy-neutral loss of heterozygosity (LOH). In addition, each SNP is represented in at least 15× redundancy to increase the signal-to-noise ratio for making accurate copy number variation (CNV) and absence of heterozygosity (AOH) calls across the genome. As few as 10 consecutive probes are necessary to make accurate CNV calls, demonstrating the high performance level of the Infinium assay.

The CytoSNP-850K v1.1 BeadChip provides comprehensive coverage of cytogenetically relevant genes on a proven platform, helping researchers find valuable information that may be missed by other technologies.

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* ICCG and CGC were previously the International Standard of Cytogenomics Array (ISCA) and the Cancer Cytogenetics Microarray Consortium (CCMC), respectively.

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Analyzing FFPE Tissue Samples with the Infinium CytoSNP-850K v1.1 BeadChip Application Note PDF< 1 MB
Cytogenetic Analysis by High-Resolution SNP Array Application Note PDF2 MB
Infinium CytoSNP-850K v1.2 BeadChip Data Sheet PDF2 MB

Catalog IDs: WG-322-1101, WG-322-1102, WG-322-1103, WG-322-1104