24sure Microarray

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) with 24sure microarrays provides a comprehensive and accurate assessment of all 24 chromosomes from an embryo biopsy. The arrays can be used to screen for aneuploidy in first and second polar bodies, blastomere biopsies, and trophectoderm biopsies. The 24sure assay is objective, ensuring a high degree of confidence in the results and subsequent selection of euploid embryos for transfer.

  • Widely used, proven PGS: Method of choice for many of the world’s reference laboratories; used to process over 350,000 samples
  • Fast, reliable results: Comprehensive, accurate assessment of all 24 chromosomes in 12 hours
  • Straightforward workflow: Optimized protocols include minimal tube transfers, documented QC stages, and flexible stopping points

Straightforward Workflow Is Complete in 12 Hours
The straightforward 24sure protocol used standard laboratory techniques, providing a fast, accurate method for chromosome screening with minimal sensitivity to technical errors and designed to fit into existing workflows. Screening can be completed in 12 hours, and therefore does not interfere with tight schedules of a fresh IVF cycle.

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